The GSSSL Gender Inclusion Policy Proposal

Updated April 24, 2022


Hi GSSC Family!

In an effort to get you the most information on the GSSSL Gender Inclusion Policy Proposal, below are two video links. One is the recording of the GSSSL Q and A Meeting from earlier this month, the other is an Interview by Megyn Kelly with two representatives from participating pools in the GSSSL. I recommend watching them both so you have perspectives from both sides of the policy proposal.


GSSSL Q and A Meeting on Gender Inclusion Policy Proposal Video:


Megyn Kelly Interview with Ken Alfonso and Lisa Marquart, GSSSL Participating Pool Representatives:


Better late than never…. I apologize for the delay–we have a lot going on right now 🙂




Scott Dombrowski, President




Hi GSSC Family!

The board only found out about this a few weeks ago so forgive us for the delay. I wanted to bring your attention the upcoming GSSSL Gender Inclusion Policy Proposal being voted on April 26, 2022. There will also be a Q and A meeting with the GSSSL Gender-Inclusive Task Force (GGITF) on April 7, 2022. We will have a few GSSC board members attending and I’m pretty sure any members associated with the league through their pool memberships can attend as well. As soon as we get the link to the meeting I will share with membership.

Below is a set of links to documents, presentations and video outlining the By Law, Policy and Procedures. I’m also providing the latest email context we received from the GGITF in hopes to best communicate what the Gender Inclusion policy is all about.

If interested, please read all the documentation provided. If you have any questions, feel free to send to by April 4, 2022. We will be collecting questions and presenting to the GGITF before the Q and A meeting. Once all the questions and concerns are addressed at the meeting, we hope to have enough information to vote on the proposed policy on April 26.

Thanks for for time. I realize this is short notice for anyone wanting to get involved and be heard.

Happy Reading!

Scott Dombrowski, President


Bylaw_GSSSL_Gender Inclusion pdf

Policy_GSSSL_Gender Inclusion pdf

Procedure_GSSSL_Gender Inclusion pdf

Presentation_GSSSL_Gender Inclusion pdf

GSSSL_ Gender Inclusion Bylaw, Policy, and Procedure-20220307_233426-Meeting Recording.mp4


Email from GSSSL Gender-Inclusive Task Force

Good morning, GSSSL!

Thank you so much for giving the Gender Inclusion Task Force the opportunity to present the bylaw, policy, and procedure proposals more clearly.  As promised, we’ve attached the presentation to this email.  You’ll also find the following attached:

  • Bylaw (we’ve added clearer language at the bottom, underlined and bolded; the language explains that any adjustments to the policy must be sent to the GSSSL league 6 weeks prior to the Spring meeting and then voted on)
  • Policy
  • Procedure (we’ve changed the mail to one for the present task force to manage rather than just the lead.  You’ll see this section also highlighted in yellow.)  
    • Remember: the procedure has required sections (marked required) and recommended sections (marked recommended).  Recommended sections are optional for pools.  

For anyone who was unable to attend, here is a helpful video explaining much of what was discussed that was distributed before the meeting: GSSSL_ Gender Inclusion Bylaw, Policy, and Procedure-20220307_233426-Meeting Recording.mp4

Our major points were:

  • We want to build a league where swimmers of all genders are able to compete.
    • There is extreme urgency; the numbers of transgender and non-binary young people who contemplate and attempt suicide are on the rise.  Part of this increase is due to exclusion and bullying.  We want to prevent youth suicide by creating safe and supportive environments at all of our pools – all of our kids benefit.
  • As a league, our de facto policy, when we don’t have one, is WIAA policy;
    • The WIAA policy for transgender and non-binary athletes has been in place for 15 years.
    • The WIAA policy requires no restrictions or medical interventions for transgender athletes to compete.
    • This means, without an official policy in place, GSSSL are currently out of compliance with WIAA policy if we prevent any transgender or non-binary swimmers from competing in the gender category that does not align closest with their identity.
  • We heard, considered, and incorporated concerns from the league; we built a policy that offers restrictions as a result.
  • ALL pools will be offered training opportunities – for coaches and pool staff.
  • This new policy will NOT be taking away the things we love about summer league for anyone.  It WILL make the things we love about summer league accessible to even more swimmers.
We also received several questions from pools a couple of hours before the presentation.  ALL of these questions will be addressed in our upcoming Q&A session.  Please mark your calendars for April 7th at 7pm.  We’ll be splitting our time during that session to first address any outstanding questions that we have received followed by an opportunity to answer any additional questions.  Every pool is encouraged to send at least one representative.  We will send more information and a virtual meeting link to you shortly.
This bylaw and policy proposal will be voted on this April 26th.  More information to come.
Thank you all,
Gender Inclusion Task Force
Jeremy Hunter, Head Coach for Innes Arden
Marley Mendez, Head Coach for Kent Swim & Tennis Club
Willie Bell, Parent and Board President for Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club
Brennon Ham, Head Coach for Lakeridge Swim Club, Coaches Rep for GSSSL
Rob Sjoberg, Head Coach for View Ridge Swim & Tennis Club, Board Member for GSSSL