GSSC offers two types of memberships for new members:

  • Equity Share Membership: Equity member certificate holders are entitled to full use of the Club facilities and programs.  In addition, certificate holders can be elected to the Board of Directors and have voting rights at all general membership meetings.
  • Seasonal (Provisional) Membership: We are not currently offering Provisional Memberships.
  • Current Member Dues and Fees can be found here.
For your convenience, GSSC offers 2 registration options: 
  1. Option 1: Fill out the  GSSC Membership Form (Wait List Form) and then MAIL it in with your $25.00 registration check to GSSC Membership: P.O. Box 818, Seahurst WA 98062 (Attn: Membership Chair); ***DO NOT PHYSICALLY DROP OFF YOUR APPLICATION TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS***
  2. Option 2: Register online By registering online, you’ll help GSSC save the cost of copies/bulk mailing AND you will get access to your own private account that will enable you to maintain your own contact information, receive important club announcements via email, keep track of your billing, and more. ($5.00 administrative fee will be added to the $25.00 registration fee for online registration option)
Here is how online registration works:
  1. Account Holder Section (person responsible for paying dues): Enter your account contact information (emergency/insurance information optional but always a good idea!)
  2. Members Section: Enter account holder PLUS family members who will be using the club (If you plan to sign your children up for one of our teams-you must be sure to add their birthdays.)
  3. Payment Option: Select “Pay by Check.”
  4. Approval: Once your membership application and payment have been received and processed, you will be contacted by our GSSC Membership Chair to discuss your membership preference and associated dues. Although final approval must be granted from the Board of Trustees, you will immediately be given access and may start using the facility at that time.
If you have further inquiries regarding membership entitlements or you wish to schedule a facility tour and one free family visit, please contact our Membership Chair, Ryan McFarland.  You may also call the club (during the regular season) at 206-588-1858 and speak to a GSSC representative.
Please note:  As of March 2016 our membership is full.  Please visit our Wait List page for instructions on joining our waiting list.

Membership Purchase Details

When you reach the top of the wait list and we offer a membership, within 7 days of the offer you’re required to pay the Membership Share price, transfer fee and–if you’re purchasing your membership during the season the pool is open–a pro-rated portion of the annual dues. See the following explanation of these fees.

  • Our current membership share price can be found in in the chart below.  This fee and all others are subject to review yearly and may change while you are on the wait list. This is a one-time fee for new members, refundable per our bylaws if you wish to sell your membership at a later time.
  • The membership transfer fee is also is a one-time fee for new members. Your wait list fee is credited towards this amount when you buy a membership share.
  • Annual dues can be found in the chart below. If you purchase your membership during the open pool season, you’ll pay your annual dues at the time of your membership purchase, but based on a graduated fee schedule that considers the amount of time left in the season. If you purchase a membership during the part of the year the pool is closed, we don’t require that you pay annual dues until the normal April 15th deadline for all members. Full dues will be due at that time.

You have 7 days to complete all elements of the membership purchase (including payment of all membership fees required) when we offer you a membership. If the purchase is not completed in those 7 days, the membership will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.

If you refuse an offer to purchase a membership but wish to remain on the wait list, you may defer to the following season by paying a $25 non-refundable deferment fee to the wait list to hold your position on the list until next season. Deferment does not guarentee an offer will be made to you the following season. It only retains your current place on the list. It is important to check where you are currently at on the list before making this decision as there may be several people who have defered prior to your offer. If you wish to defer, this must be completed within the same 7 day time frame.

Also of note:

  • We require that each membership perform four hours of maintenance work yearly at the club or pay a maintenance fee.  Per your member contract, these fees are part of your membership dues and must be completed and/or paid in full in order to maintain good standing of your membership per our bylaws.
  • Under no circumstances can GSSC memberships be rented to nonmembers.
  • Team participation or lessons require a fee payment.
  • Some years we require an assessment on all memberships (i.e. In 2011 we had an assessment of $80 (plus tax) due from all members).
  • The pool opens in mid-May and closes in mid-September. Pool hours vary day-to-day and change during the season. We post a schedule in the pool office and on this Web site, as well as mail it to all members in advance of the season’s opening.
  • Non-members may sign up for swim lessons during the season based on availability after members sign up. Lesson registration and information is available in the pool office.

Membership is currently full.  You can view our waitlist here.

2022 GSSC Fees

All fees are subject to change.

Lesson and Sport Fees

Item Fee
Swim Teams* $130 each child per sport
Tennis Team * $125 each child per sport
Dive and Water Polo Teams* $100 each child per sport
Saturday Swim Lessons
(May/June only)
$20 Members
$40 Non-members
Swim, Dive or Tennis Lessons
(two-week session)
$45 Members
$65 Non-members
Masters Swim Lessons $20 Members
$35 Non-members
Tennis Key $25**

* $25 per month will be added for late payment.

** The Tennis key fee is a one time payment required along with a signed contract. If the key is not returned upon termination or sale of your membership, you will be a assessed the full facility rekeying fee of $250.00 from your membership share.

Guest Fees

Item Fee
Guest Tickets $5
Extended Stay Pass $55


Membership Fees

Checks for the payment of annual dues (by April 15) or the maintenance fee (if needed) should be mailed to the club mailing address.

Item Standard Dues with work party discount Standard Dues without work party discount

(add $100.00 maintenance fee)

One-time Equity Share Membership Fee $800.00
Seasonal (Provisional) Membership

(2 year limit)

Annual Dues

(Applies to Equity Share Membership Only)-due April 15th annually

Annual Dues Honorary (1/4th of regular dues)-due April 15th annually





Registration Fee $25.00
Maintenance Fee *
(by Sept. 30 yearly)
$100.00 (or 4 hours work)

* $25 per month will be added for late payment.

Pool Rental Fees for Parties or Large Gatherings

Read information on this topic.

1-25 Guests 26-50 Guests 51 and up
Up to 3 Hours:

(After hours rental)

$150 $250 $350

** Sales Tax Ruling. The State of Washington now recognizes our swim club, and others like it in the area, as a fitness club. That type of business is subject to sales tax on dues. However, a social club (which we consider ourselves) would not have to pay sales tax on dues. On January 28, 2009, an appeals court judge ruled on this issue and provided guidance. The State now recognizes us as both a social club and a fitness club. As such, a portion of our membership dues, maintenance fees, and sales of memberships are subject to sales tax. Your membership dues statement will reflect this change. Feel free to contact the club’s president with any questions.