Gregory Seahurst Tennis Team

The GSSC Tennis team is a fun and competitive summer program in association with the Auburn Valley Junior Tennis League. The GSSC summer tennis program is always a wonderful time for kids to get outside and participate in a recreational sport, to learn and practice sportsmanship, to make new friends and spend time with old ones.

What makes GSSC Tennis Team so special?
We take great pride in our club and celebrate the individual & team accomplishments for our kids! Specifically:

Our Mission:

“Develop within our kids, an interest and love for swimming, diving, and tennis; provide training and competitive opportunities for youth of all abilities; celebrate team and individual “personal bests;” and provide a fun, family-friendly,“Gator Pride” atmosphere that builds sportsmanship, character, skills, and friendships.”

Our Philosophy:

  • GSSC teams are founded on the belief that age-group competitive swimming, diving, and tennis offer a fun, exciting and worthwhile experience in a young person’s life. They can be learned and enjoyed by those with very little natural ability, as well as those who are of Olympic caliber.
  • It is a basic assumption that for an age-group competitive program to succeed, it must encompass and challenge all who participate and it must follow continuous developmental progression. However, its values go far beyond that of learning efficiency in the water and on the tennis courts.
  • GSSC is dependent on committed youth, family participation, a dedicated board, and a well-qualified coaching staff. We offer fun, family-friendly, and competitive experiences designed to introduce kids to sports, perhaps for the first time and foster their interest to develop a passion to continue on.
  • We understand that not every child will be a world-class swimmer, diver or tennis player. However, every child in our program WILL undoubtedly achieve a “personal best.” We celebrate individual accomplishments as an important part of our team’s success. It is our goal to help all participants know the value of teamwork, practice good sportsmanship, reach personal goals, build character, and improve self-esteem.

What is “Gator Pride?”

“Gator Pride” is what we call our team spirit. It encompasses pride in how we care for our facility, how we conduct ourselves with sportsmanship on the court, both at home and away matches, and how we visibly support our players. It is what unifies our team, establishes our uniqueness from other clubs, and builds a spirited and fun atmosphere for our families and guests.

Gregory Seahurst also offers a great tennis lessons program!

Join our Tennis Team for a summer of fun. See you on the court! If you have any questions about joining Tennis Team, please contact our Youth Coordinator.

2024 Tennis Schedule – Coming Soon

2024 Match and Tournament Schedule

All regular-season matches start at 5:00 pm; coach will inform age groups what time to arrive for team warm ups.

TBD – Match 1

TBD – Match 2

TBD – Match 3

TBD – Match 4

TBD – Match 5

TBD – Match 6

TBD – BOYS TOURNAMENT @ Arbor Heights/Sealth – TIME: TBD

2024 Tennis Team Practice Times

Preseason Practice Starting June 1st
Saturdays: 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22
12 and Under: 8:00-9:00
Seniors: 9:00-10:00
13/14: 10-11:00

Regular Season Starts: 6/24
12 and Under : 8:00-9:00
Seniors : 9:00-10:00
13/14 : 10:00-10:45 

Our Tennis Team Volunteers are AWESOME!

SIGN UP: It is easy! Go to our website: and login to your personal account. Click on the specific tennis match “event” and select “job opportunities.” You will see a menu of volunteer jobs and all you have to do is check the box next to the volunteer job you would like and your name will appear then click “Save

Volunteer Job: Snack Shack – Group of parents to prepare and sell limited menu food/beverages in concessions during home matches.

Tennis Team Parent Handbook

Download the Handbook

The GSSC tennis team offers a great youth experience. If you and your family are new to this sport, we want to be sure you know what to expect.  This handbook is dedicated to answering the most common questions about tennis team participation and offers helpful suggestions to help you through your first couple of practices and matches. If you have a question that is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask any tennis team parent, coach, or the GSSC Teams’ Coordinator for help or information.

Tennis Team *registration fee is $150.00

Please register online at the Teams Registration page.

Registration fee must be received by the 1st tennis match in order for your child to be eligible to participate on the team.

Team Uniform

A Tennis Team t-shirt is included in your registration fee.


Tennis Team Coaching Staff


Tennis Coordinator

If you are interested in volunteering as our 2024 Tennis Coordinator, please contact

Ava Dombrowski

Head Coach
Gavin Gollob

Gavin Gollob

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach Gavin attends Mount Rainier High School. This will be Gavin’s second year coaching tennis at GSSC. He has been a player on the GSSC tennis team for 9 years. Gavin is excited to spend the summer playing tennis- Go Gators!