• *President:  Jason Liberty   2024
    Contact for general pool questions
  • *Vice President:  Stephen Hinch, 2023 | 2024 | 2025
    Contact for facilities concerns and annual work parties.
  • *Secretary:  Lizzy Glass  2024
    Contact for copies of meeting minutes and club bylaws. 
  • *Treasurer:  Dabney McFarlane, 2024 | 2025 | 2026
    Contact for membership refunds and club accounts payable.
  • Accounts Receivable: Jacalen Printz, 2023 | 2024 | 2025
    Contact for questions on your membership billing accounts.
  • Membership: Melissa Garcia, 2024 | 2025 | 2026
    Contact regarding membership, waitlist and/or extended stay passes.
  • Concessions: Roxanne Caple and Caitlin Stone  2024
    Contact regarding consessions and/or suggestions questions for events.
  • Social:  Nikki Monson, 2023 | 2024 | 2025
    Contact for pool related events and or suggestions.
  • Youth Coordinator:  Lauren Silver  2024 | 2025 | 2026
    Contact for Swim, Dive, Tennis and Water Polo team related questions.

*Club Officer Positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary.


  • 2024 Pool Managers:  Stephanie Anderson & Trisha Arias
    Contact for general pool questions, party booking and/or lessons.
  • 2024 Swim Team Coordinator: Alex Shafer
  • 2024 Tennis Team Coordinator: Jeevan Parail
  • 2024 Dive Team Coordinator:  Elaine O’Brien
  • 2024 Water Polo Coordinator: Amy Bannister


PRESIDENT (Club Officer)

Section 2. Duties of the President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board. The President shall be the administrative officer and appoint all committee members, subject to the approval of the Board, and be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Per the GSSC bylaws, The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board. The President shall be the administrative officer and appoint all committee members, subject to the approval of the Board, and be an ex-officio member of all committees. In summary, the President is a delegation machine. The President also makes sure the board is moving forward at all times and that all actions of the board are serving the club and membership in the best way possible.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Create a complete calendar of events, activities, and other important functions for each year.
Make sure all responsibilities of each Board member are properly communicated. No action is made without proper vote and adhere to bylaws and enforce bylaws.
Manage all liability issues and concerns.

Preside over Board Meetings with agenda made for each meeting.

Share cash disbursements approval with the Treasurer.

Work with Board Members to the degree necessary to ensure all goes well and be available when assistance is necessary, especially with the website.

Interact with Pool Manager and Vice President to the degree necessary to handle any problems and/or opportunities. Also assist in giving the Pool Manager direction. Hold Pool Manager accountable for duties performed.

Participate in any outside activity that requires GSSC presence; e.g. the meeting sponsored by Marine Hills to share ideas and experiences. Our public face and marketing director. Report activities back to Board. Respond to member letters.

Write letters to membership in the spring and before general membership meeting. Direct all voting and polling. Make sure web site is properly functioning.

Organize and preside over General Membership meeting.

Update position responsibilities at the end of the season and turn in at the October meeting.


Section 3. Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall serve in the absence or disability of the President, and during such time shall have all duties and powers. The Vice-President shall act under the direction of the President and exercise reporting authority over the operation and maintenance of the physical properties of the Club.

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical properties of GSSC. Oversees and ensures proper maintenance and upkeep. Reports needed improvements and associated costs. Works closely with the GSSC Manager regarding duties and staffing. Serves in the absence of the President. Attends Board meetings.Responsible for assembling a committee to identify improvements for our facility.

SECRETARY (Club Officer)

Section 4. Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes, attend to the correspondence, send out all notices of meetings and perform such other duties as fixed by the Board.

Per the GSSC bylaws, The Secretary shall keep the minutes, attend to the correspondence, send out all notices of meetings and perform such other duties as fixed by the Board. In summary, the Secretary records all board meeting notes and is responsible for communicating the boards’ actions and messages to members. The Secretary is also responsible for scheduling our board meetings. This is a board position with voting rights. Your membership dues will be covered while you are in this position.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Board meetings: take minutes and distribute copies to each board member and pool manager after each meeting in a timely fashion.
Notify each board member of the meetings the day before.

Keep copies of all past board meetings, correspondence, and other important documents. May be electronically filed. Post minutes on website.
General Membership meetings: take minutes and send notice to membership of date and time of meetings. Determine and reserve location for board meetings.

Count ballots for elections of board members, budget items, and any proposals before the membership.
Handle all membership correspondence mailing, addressing, stamping, and copying. Responsible for suggestion box. Responsible for communication and posting.

Email all necessary letters, schedules, notices, and ballots to the membership.

Maintaining a current and accurate membership list for mailings.

Up to date responsibilities list at the end of the season.​

TREASURER (Club Officer)

Section 5. Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and disburse funds of the Club. The Treasurer shall keep and preserve proper vouchers and books of accounts, which shall be open to inspection and subject to audit at any time by an auditing committee duly appointed by the President.

The Accounts Receivable Chair shall deposit funds of the Club in such banks as may be approved by the Board of Trustees and the Treasurer shall disburse money only upon approved vouchers. All checks upon the funds of the Club shall be signed by two officers of the club. The authorized signatories shall be the Club officers;Treasurer, President, Vice President or Secretary. The Treasurer shall submit a monthly financial report to the Board, and annual report to the membership, and such other reports as requested by the President.

Prepares and monitors the budget. Ensures the Board’s financial policies are being followed. Reports to the Board and general membership on finances. Prepares financial reporting forms. Maintains all bank accounts. Oversees all financial transactions. Attends Board meetings.


Organizes all of GSSC’s social activities. Announces social activities to membership. Coordinates membership volunteers to help with social activities. Attends Board meetings. Gator Spirit Wear Sales.


The Youth Coordinator is in charge of managing all of our teams (Swim Team, Tennis Team, Dive Team, and Water Polo). The Youth Coordinator will be responsible for hiring managers for each team and overseeing all activities that have to do with the teams, meets, etc. In years past, this position had too many responsibilities and we hope to alleviate the amount of work by hiring managers (that the Youth Coordinator will manage) to oversee each team.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Attend Board Meetings and report on teams.
  • Nominate Team Coodinators for respective team positions.
  • Attend GSSSL fall and spring meetings for swim and water polo along with the team coordinators for swim and water polo.
  • Attend Seattle Southern Division Dive meetings for scheduling, etc. along with the team coordinator of dive.
  • Hire and supervise coaches for swim, tennis, dive and water polo, along with the team coordinators of the respective individual team.
  • Determine team fees and coaching salaries, along with the team coordinators of the respective individual team, the Treasurer, and Board approval.
  • Order coaching gear – one item each year for all coaches.
  • Coordinate registration – delegate registration on team unify for all four teams (swim, tennis, dive and water polo). Oversee results and payment. Report registration to Board.
  • Ensure registrants for swim, tennis and dive are all pool members
  • Create distribution lists for all teams for emailing purposes
  • Update website for practices, coaches, meets/matches, events
  • Schedule Parent meeting and team photos
  • Email correspondence – meet entries, meet results, tennis check-ins, dive meets, registration deadlines, changes to practices and or meets. Oversee data entry is correct
  • Awards Banquet – facilitate the presentations of teams at the banquet, order trophies for swim, tennis, water polo, and dive, collect perpetuals from past recipients and take to Burien Trophy, order certificates and print names on all certificates for all teams


Collects all money from members for dues and fees. Handles and coordinates all deposits. Sends invoices to and corresponds with members regarding account status. Maintains reporting and accurate accounting of members in good standing. Works closely with the Treasurer to ensure all money is coded correctly. Attends Board meetings.


The Membership chair manages the member roster and waitlist. They coordinate all paperwork for new members including contract updates and waitlisted applicants.

Assist families when they have questions regarding membership. Attend monthly board meetings. Work closely with the treasurer and AR when money is received or needs to go to a family in a buyback situation.

Become primary contact for all member related questions (especially new members). Marketing of the club, mostly with potential members. Maintenance of the member waiting list.

This position is admin heavy with email correspondence and paperwork both on and off season. You should be anticipating 1-2 hours per month in the off season and 2+ in the on season depending on the amount of membership sells and/or offers.


The Concessions Chair is responsible for managing sales of food and beverages during Swim Meets, GSSC hosted division events for all sports (Prelims, All-City, etc.), and at other events as needed. Responsibilities include planning menus, ordering food, managing cash & deposits, and coordinating volunteer efforts.

The Concessions Chair role is fast paced and requires someone who is comfortable making decisions on the fly.  The height of the workload for this role falls during swim season.

This position is a voting member of the GSSC Board and has the opportunity to provide feedback into the direction of the pool.

Non-Board Positions

Standing Committees

Auditing Committee (3 Members):


Auditing Committee, whose duty it shall be to audit the books of the Club Treasurer at the close of the fiscal year, shall be appointed annually.

Nominating Committee (3 Members):


Nominating Committee, whose duty it shall be, prior to the annual business meeting, to prepare nominations for Trustees and ascertain the availability of their nominees to serve in those positions. The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of at least three (3) members.